Our values and beliefs inform how we operate internally and how we work in collaboration with others.

We strive to be equitable, inclusive, non-judgmental, anti-biased and anti-oppressive, and self-reflective. 


Sarah Schriber

Sarah Schriber directs Prevent School Violence Illinois (PSVI). In collaboration with the National School Climate Center, PSVI piloted a 2-year school climate transformation process with five middle schools that was shown to successfully reduce bullying at rates greater than several of the leading bullying prevention programs. Recently, PSVI launched Listening to Youth, a project that trains adults to work with Youth Advisory Boards through which youth can cultivate and amplify their voices and take action on issues that impact them the most. PSVI also engages in action research with the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago and other institutional partners to develop and pilot diagnostic data measures including the Bias-Based Bullying Survey, a first-of-its kind measure schools can use to assess students’ experiences with bullying impacted by identity-based biases. Previously, Sarah served as the Policy Director at the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance and was a staff attorney at the ACLU of Illinois. Sarah attended Northwestern Law School and Smith College.


emilia chico

Emilia Chico is a Chicago native who has worked with young people and youth-serving organizations for over 10 years. She serves as a consultant for educators and youth development professionals on topics including youth-adult partnerships, diversity and inclusion, youth engagement, and identity development. Emilia has worked for the Posse Foundation since 2005 as a retreat facilitator where she has partnered with over 20 universities across the country. Emilia teaches courses in intergroup dialogue, adolescent development, and positive youth development. She is dedicated to transforming schools and communities by creating inclusive learning environments where young people can thrive. Emilia attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where she earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and an M.A. in Youth Development. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications and Sociology.


christina r. peter

Christina Peter is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Statistics at Los Angeles Valley College where she teaches Research Methods, Pre-Statistics, Statistics, General Psychology, Biological Psychology, and the Psychology of Human Sexuality. Christina is a longtime partner of PSVI, first supporting the organization’s community-led development of a survey instrument that measures rates of bullying victimization and perpetration motivated by bias against particular social identity groups. Currently, Christina works with PSVI to conduct survey design and statistical analysis. Christina attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where she earned a PhD in Educational Psychology and an M.Ed. in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment.


caryn curry

Caryn is a founding member of Prevent School Violence Illinois. Caryn is staff at the Center for Childhood Resilience at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, a partner organization of PSVI. She supports educators and community entities to develop socially and emotionally healthy environments in their organizations through training, coaching, and facilitation. She has also worked with young people to develop social and emotional skills that are critical to their well-being and capacity thrive in school and life. A former Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Caryn has over 30 years of professional experience working on behalf of children and families in educational, residential, hospital and community settings.