Comprehensive School Transformation

Data-Informed Decision Making


2014 Discipline Data Reporting Law

Professional Development

Restorative Discipline

2014 Discipline Data Reporting Law

Chicago Schools-to-Prisons Statistics

DOJ OCR Discipline Guidelines

ICJIA Restorative Justice in Schools

Out of School & Off Track:
The Overuse of Suspensions in American Middle and High Schools

Police Officers in Schools:
Effects on School Crime and the Processing of Offending Behaviors

PSVI Restorative Discipline Digest

RLLA Praxis Model

School-to-Prison Pipeline Fact Sheet

Zero Tolerance in Schools Policy Brief

Social and Emotional Learning


SEL Overall Plan

SEL Tool 6

Stakeholder Engagement

CST Draft Chapter- Stakeholder Engagement

Student Supports and Services


Prevent School Violence Act & Recommendations

2010 PSVA Synopsis

2011 Recommendations of the Illinois School Bullying Prevention Task Force

Comprehensive School Transformation Graphic

IL Prevent School Violence Act of 2010

IL Prevent School Violence Act of 2014

Task Force Recommendations- Executive Summary



2008 Meta-Analysis of Intervention Research

What Can Be Done About Bullying? (Swearer, 2010)

Cyber- and Biased-Based Harassment (2012)

Harassment Based on Discriminatory Bias (2012)

A Climate for Academic Success (2013)

Bullies, Gangs, Drugs, and School:
Understanding the Overlap and the Role of Ethnicity and Urbanicity

Illinois NSCS Snapshot 2011

The Impact of Enhancing Students' Social and Emotional Learning:
A Meta-Analysis of School-Based Universal Interventions

What Works in Preventing Bullying:
Effective Elements of Anti-Bullying Programs



ICJIA Restorative Justice in Schools

Resources for Additional Information and Consideration

Safety with Dignifty

SEL and Bullying Prevention (2009)

Social Justice Example

Social Justice Framework

Stopping Harassment in Three Minutes


Surveys & Advocacy

Bully Compendium Assessment Tools

Biased-Based Bullying Survey

2012 Fact Sheet

Biased-Based Bullying Survey 2014 (English)

Biased-Based Bullying Survey 2014 (Spanish)

Advocating for the Biased-Based Bullying Survey

IYS General Information



Prevent School Violence Illinois Digest