CST in Action

PSVI Workshops

PSVI hosts workshops for the broad array of school stakeholders to promote Comprehensive School Transformation (CST) as an approach to creating optimal conditions for effective learing and healthy development, as well as to continue to grow and strengthen PSVI as a statewide hub for resources, expertise and technical assistance.

PSVI’s CST Workshops use storytelling, skill sharing and building, and action planning to support attendees to understand CST as a process to create schools and communities that safe, supportive, free from bias, and engaging for students and adults alike. Each workshop focuses on a particular domain of CST.  To date PSVI has hosted the following CST Workshops:

·         In April 2013, PSVI’s CST Workshop focused on the domain of data-informed decision making. In particular, the Coalition Director and Core Team, in collaboration with organizational and research partners, presented the results of the 2012 administration of the Bias-Based Bullying Survey and facilitated a discussion of the myriad ways to use formal and informal data to prevent and address bias-based bullying.

·         In October 2013, PSVI’s CST Workshop focused on the domain of restorative discipline and practices and their critical role in healthy and positive school communities. Organizational partners shared stories and skills about their real-life experiences with school discipline, both exclusionary and restorative.

·         In June 2014, PSVI’s CST Workshop focused on the domain of stakeholder engagement.  Participants discussed who are key school stakeholders and why including those whose voices often go unheard is crucial to effective and sustainable school transformation. Partners shared stories about ways to effectively engage parents (and being an engaged parent), police officers and security guards, teachers, and students.

Stay tuned for future CST Workshops focusing on Professional Development for School Transformation, Beyond POlicy Development Toward Effective Implementation, and other CST domains.

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