Prevention Programs

CST is an approach to school transformation that offers a holistic vision of healthy school climate in which all members of a school community are encouraged to engage...

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Prevent School Violence Illinois

Stakeholder-engagement Prevent School Violence Illinois (PSVI) supports youth, families and all stakeholders in a school community to create optimal conditions for effective learning and healthy development by raising awareness, engaging stakeholders, and providing expertise and resources.

PSVI works from a deep commitment to addressing and overcoming systemic, community and interpersonal identity-based biases, a commitment that is infused throughout all of its efforts. In all aspects of its efforts to support school communities to engage in Comprehensive School Transformation, PSVI recognizes that the impacts of systemic cultural issues such as racism, sexism, classism, religious bias, adultism, disability discrimination and homophobia that contribute to negative and hostile environments for youth and adults.

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